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Creating New Dreadlocks

I create new dreadlocks by sectioning, back combing and crocheting the hair till it becomes matted and knots together to  make well formed new born dreadlocks. The style, fall and thickness of your hair must be carefully taken into consideration when creating new locks. By working with your hairs natural tendencies and characteristics I create dreadlocks that are perfectly suited to you as an individual.

I don’t use any products or waxes whilst creating dreadlocks. I prefer to work naturally. Although I advise against over use of products  I understand that it is a personal choice and something an individual must decide for themselves as they get to know their dreadlocks.

Dreadlock Grooming

Dreadlock grooming involves mainly tightening up the roots of the dreadlocks as new hair grows in, so that as the dreadlocks continue to grow they don’t become matted together and loose their form. Dreadlocks are a low maintenance hair style so once they are matured they should only need a grooming and upkeep session a few times a year.  I can also pay special attention to pulling in loose ends, fixing holes, separating fused dreadlocks and straitening wiggles and bumps, should you so desire.


Creating New Dreadlocks

£75/ £100 above the shoulders (very thick hair/ extra thin dreadlocks add £30)

£100/ £150 below the shoulders (very thick hair/ extra thin dreadlocks add £30)

£150/ £175 extra long (very thick hair/ extra thin dreadlocks add £30)

Dreadlock Grooming

£50 Standard dreadlock grooming (takes around two hours)

Extra tlc or dreadlock repair is £20 per hour

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